- Organic Castor Oil -

100% Pure & Natural, Coldpressed, Hexane & Paraben Free

50ml Dark Glass Bottle For Longevity, Safety Sealed And With Practical Pipette!

  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Thickens Eyelashes & Brows
  • Treats Wounds, Cuts & Burns
  • Fights Acne
  • Fades Scars
  • Reduces Dark Circles Under Eyes
  • Prevent Signs Of Ageing
  • Alleviates Dry Eye Syndrome
  • Natural Makeup Remover

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- What is Castor Oil? -

Castor oil is sourced from beans from a real plant called Ricinus Communis, the castor plant.

Castor oil has a wide range of purposes in the cosmetic and manufacturing industries, including medicines, perfumes, and hair treatment products. There are about 600 to 800 million pounds of the oil produced annually in the world today.

Castor oil is rich with natural fatty acids. It contains over eighteen major fatty acids, including ricinoleic acid—one of the Omega-9 amino acids required by the human body, oleic acid, and linoleic acid. These fatty acids are some of the essential compounds required for hair growth in the body.

Ricinoleic acid can also penetrate down through the pores of the skin to reach the hair follicles, making castor oil one of your best choices for natural skin and hair care treatments. This oil can provide nourishment to your hair follicles which will aid in restoring growth to regular levels.

Besides the fatty acids, castor oil also contains vitamin E, which is also beneficial for hair and skin.

Castor oil has a light slippery feel to it, which can soften hair, skin, nails, and other body care issues. Due to its high ricinoleic acid, castor oil can be more expensive than other oils, but its special properties are well worth the additional cost.

- What Will Castor Oil Do For Your Beauty? -

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The uses for castor oil seem to be almost endless. Thanks to its powerful nutrients, Castor Oil has incredible healing and beauty enhancing properties and is used in the treatment of a number of hair and skin conditions.

- How to apply -

That’s Easy! Just Follow These Simple Steps!


Clean You Face, Scalp And Eyebrow With Warm Water And Remove Any Traces Of Makeup.


Take An Eyeliner Brush Or Cotton Swabs And Apply Few Drops Of Castor Oil On It.


Apply The Oil Carefully On Your Eyebrows Or Scalp. Massage Gently With Your Fingertips For 2 To 3 Minutes.


It Is Better To Apply Castor Oil At Night Before You Go To Sleep. At Morning, Wash It Off With Lukewarm Water To Remove Traces Of Oil.

- Recommended by Professionals -

Castor Oil Is Not Only A Beauty Secret.

Castor Oil Is Not Another Beauty Trend. Its Precious Properties Have Been Widely Researched And Proven Through Centuries Of Use, All Around The Globe. However, It Is Important To Note That Castor Oil Is Not Only A Beauty Secret, But Has Impressive Medical Benefits, As Well.

Joseph Mercola, Renowned Osteopathic Physician And Founder Of Mercola.Com, Which Is The Most Visited Natural Health Site On The Internet With 1.5 Million Subscribers, Attests To The Incredible Antiviral, Antibacterial And Anti-Fungal Properties Of Castor Oil And Talks About Its Ability To Effectively Treat A Number Of Skin Conditions And Reduce Pain.

However, One Of The Most Compelling Health Benefits Of Castor Oil Is According To Mercola, The Oil’S Ability To Support The Immune System.

Castor Oil Seems To Be Able To Fight Lymphatic Congestion, Thus Preventing Inflammations And Disease, Simply By Applying It Directly On The Skin. As It Is Absorbed, The Body’S Lymphocyte Count Increases, Which Then Speeds Up Tissue Detoxification And Promotes Healing.

- Fatty Acids Composition -

Take A Look What Is Behind The Unique Properties Of Organic Castor Oil!

Ricinoleic Acid (86.9%)

Boasting Unique Anti Bacterial And Anti Inflammatory Properties, Rinicoleic Acid Gives Castor Oil An Amazing Ability, Rarely Seen In Other Vegetable Oils: It Allows It To Penetrate Deeply Into The Skin, Increase Circulation, Balance Scalp Ph, And Even Undo Some Of The Damage Caused By Chemical Hair Products And Treatments.

Linoleic Acid (4.1%)

Linoleic Acid Offers Deep Moisturization, Stimulates Hair Growth, Maintains A Healthy Scalp Conditions, And Will Control Water Loss In Your Hair. Linoleic Acid Has Been Proven, When Applied Topically, To Reduce Clogged Pores By Over 25% In Just A Few Weeks When Used Daily.

Oleic Acid (2.8%)

Oleic Acid, A Monosaturated Fatty Acid Found In Heavier, More Slow Drying Oils. These Oils Are Well Suited For Thirsty Skin And Are Absorbed More Readily Than Oily Skin Types. Oleic Acid Will Also Control Water Loss In Your Strands While Making Your Hair Softer And More Pliable.

Stearic Acid (1.2%)

Stearic Acid Is Active Degreasing Substance Used In Cosmetics. It Rebuild The Lipid Barrier, That Minimizes Water Loss And Is Essential For Strong, Healthy, Hydrated Skin. Lipid Barier Traps Water Molecules, Prevents Natural Moisturizing Factors From Leaching Out And Prevents Environmental Chemicals And Biological Irritants From Entering Skin.


Palmitic Acid (1%)

Palmitic Acid Is An Emulsion-Forming Ingredient. It Creates An Occlusive Layer (Film) On The Surface That Prevents Excessive Evaporation Of Water From The Surface (This Is An Indirect Moisturizing Effect), Thereby Conditioning, Softening And Smoothening The Skin And Hair. Palmitic Acid Is Also Resposible For Shining Effect. It Facilitates Penetration Of Other Active Substances As Well.

- Celebrities Beauty Secret -

Known As The Celebrity Secret To Glowing, Healthy Skin And Hair, Castor Oil Is The One Beauty Secret Weapon That Most Celebrities Share: Nia Long, Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Alek Wek, Kelly Rowland, Khloe Kardashian And Many More!

Nia Long Mentioned In An Interview That “The Key To Great Skin Is To Keep It Super-Duper Moisturized.” And So, Every Night, She Rubs On Some 100% Pure, Organic Castor Oil After Taking A Shower. As She Says, “You Go To Bed Greasy And Wake Up Gorgeous!” It’S No Wonder Why Castor Oil Is Also Khloe Kardashian’S Favorite Beauty Product. Miss Kardashian Uses Castor Oil To Keep Her Eyebrows Thick And Healthy, Giving Her That Irresistible Youthful Look! Kardashian Says That Her Makeup Artist, Hrush Achemyan Recommends Using Castor Oil To Help Fill In Thinning Eyebrows And Restore Their Natural Thickness. As He Says, Castor Oil Can Do Wonders For Brittle Lashes, As Well. To Apply, Simply Use A Clean Mascara Wand, Lightly Dipped In The Oil.

As It Turns Out, Castor Oil Is One Of The Most Popular, Restorative Home Remedies Used Widely By Celebrities All Over The World!

- 80,000 Satisfied Customers -

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Skinisyou Organic Castor Oil May Not Have Been On The Market As Long As Other Products, But In Just Few Short Years We’Ve Helped Over 80 Thousand Customers Just Like You Achieve And Skin Condition They’Ve Always Wanted. Getting Desired Look Is Just A Click Away.

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- Results -

See Below Some Genuine Before & After Example Results Of Regular Use Of Castor Oil.

- Testimonials -

What Our Customers Are Saying?

Hana, 32 years old

Love Castor oil!

The Castor Oil arrived on time and packed well in a sealed tube. The Castor Oil comes in a 50ml very attractive, dark bottle with a dropper for easy use. I’ve been using castor oil for a year on and off.

Dani, 28 years old


Great for eyelashes, feet, hands, nails and cuticles. Castor Oil from Skin Is You arrived super fast and it was very well packaged.

Steven, 32 years old

Great for my itchy scalp and beard growth

I ordered the castor oil, it’s amazing for itching. I have had an itchy scalp, all over the top and sides of my head, not just itching it was like a burning feeling. Now its gone. I use it also to promote my beard growth!

VIK, 21 years old

No more chapped lips!

I am a very huge fan of Castor Oil and have always loved using it for multiple purposes. I have used many brands’ castor oil, but I must specifically mention here that this Skin is You Castor Oil is the best!

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